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The ultimate guide to Chanel bags

The ultimate guide to Chanel bags

If you are passionate about handbags, you surely know the luxury brand Chanel. A brand with a great history and worldwide recognition.

Types of Chanel leathers

Chanel has a wide variety of leathers. Here we present each one of them:

Chanel Lamb Skin

One of the most well-known and representative leathers of Chanel. It has a very soft touch and includes diamond-shaped stitches.

To keep a lamb skin bag clean, a dry cloth should be used.

This material is easy to scratch and has a tendency to transfer color.

Chanel Caviar Leather

Another leather used by Chanel, although not as well-known as the previous one, is caviar leather. With stitches forming diamonds, this leather is made from calf skin. It can be kept clean with a dry cloth.

It is a material that lasts a long time and does not scratch as easily. It has a rough texture and is quite heavy.

Chanel Wrinkled / Aged Calf Skin

Calf skin is durable and difficult to scratch, and has a fine appearance.

Chanel Deer Skin

Deer skin, made from deer hide, is a thick type of leather that offers more resistance and durability. Bags made with this type of leather weigh more than those made with other materials.

Chanel Patent Leather

Patent leather is a very characteristic material due to its shiny appearance. It provides elegance and sophistication. Although it may seem so, patent leather is not resistant to stains.

Chanel Goat Skin

Goat skin is the toughest of all the leathers used by Chanel. It is very resistant and therefore can last a long time. Despite this, it has a soft touch.

Chanel Crocodile Leather

Crocodile skin is the most sought-after type of leather among Chanel customers. This is partly because Chanel will no longer use this type of skin.

Chanel Python Leather

Python leather is also a type of leather that Chanel will no longer work with. Despite this, it is highly desired by Chanel consumers.

Chanel Galuchat Leather

This type of leather is made from shark or ray skin. Its name comes from the craftsman Jean-Claude Galluchat. It is a very durable type of leather.


How to tell if a Chanel bag is real

To differentiate between an original Chanel and a fake one in just a minute, you should take into account several signs:

  • Look at the logo
  • Look for the serial number
  • Examine the metal parts of the bag
  • Analyze the back pocket
  • Check the interior flap of the bag
  • The "Made in" label

You can see all the detailed information in our post How to tell if a Chanel bag is real. If, despite having followed all the previous steps, you still have doubts about whether you are facing a counterfeit or not, you can resort to online analysis of second-hand luxury items and accessories on websites such as Entrupy or Authentifier.

Which Chanel bag should you buy first?

The decision is up to you according to your preferences and tastes. Buying a Chanel bag is a significant investment and it is important to make the decision after seeing different models and prices. At Kewaay Bags, you can find different models of authentic second-hand Chanel bags.

Think about whether you want a more iconic bag or one with more special features, if you want it bigger or smaller.

There are many styles, models, colors, and prices to choose from, so take your time to evaluate them and choose the one that you really like.

Is it worth buying Chanel?

In the same way, each person must decide if it is worth paying for a Chanel bag. It is clear that there are cheaper bags, but each person has to decide if they are willing to pay Chanel prices. Buying a Chanel bag is an investment. Its high quality, prestige, and durability are attributes that you will not find in all bags.

You can start by buying a second-hand Chanel bag to avoid making such a big investment. But, be careful! We assure you that you will fall in love.

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