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Your luxury handbag store

In our second-hand brand items and handbags store, you can buy, sell, put on consignment, or even donate to an NGO.

Do you need quick money or want to free up space by getting rid of luxury handbags you no longer use? In our online handbags and items store, you will find the solution to sell your second-hand bag quickly and easily. Additionally, you can also come to our physical stores in Barcelona and Madrid to sell your bag and other accessories you no longer use.


The philosophy of Keway Bags is to promote a circular economy between local businesses and individuals. The benefits are limitless - the buyer saves, the seller gains, and our planet is happy thanks to the wonderful reuse of products. It is worth noting that thanks to this system, we rescue authentic pieces that are difficult to find in official stores.

Regarding the authenticity of our luxury handbags and accessories. At Keway Bags, we appraise all handbags and items to verify their condition and authenticity. We guarantee that all our items are authentic and in the best condition. And always from the best brands like Chanel, Chloé, Dior, Gucci, Hermès or Loewe

your luxury handbag store


Our values are based on respect and everything it represents. Respect for the customer; for the product and for our industry. The trust and transparency of our professionals towards the customer; the happiness and gratitude of the customer towards our service; and respect for the environment, promoting an honest economy between company and individual, ensuring that luxury bags have a longer lifespan and are in the hands of those who desire them.